“It is a pleasure to have David work with our students and staff and elevate their awareness and understanding of diversity and social justice."

In August 2017, Dr. David Jones and co-presenter, Kelvin Harris, led a diversity workshop for first-year students during Orientation at Bay Path University. Check out this article endorsing the training and sharing the positive impact it had on the student community: Strength Lies in Our Differences

“It is a pleasure to have David work with our students and staff and elevate their awareness and understanding of diversity and social justice. On repeated occasions he has worked with LEAP (student leadership program), Resident Assistants, Orientation Leaders & First-Year Students and Residence Life Professional Staff. In each of his diversity/social justice workshops he has the capacity to engage across diverse backgrounds and capture his audience while meeting learning outcomes. David’s speaking, consulting and training experience can contribute significantly toward continued efforts of creating an inclusive campus community at your college or university. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having him work with our students and staff on various consultations.”

Dr. Walter Diaz

Dean of Students – Eastern Connecticut State University

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with David on a session for our Winter Resident Assistant (RA) Training at the University of Iowa. Our Training Committee was able to provide David with specific context about our department and objectives and then David crafted a personalized session that really hit the mark. David’s session received the most positive feedback from the RAs of any outside presenter we have ever brought in. RAs described David’s facilitation style as safe, engaging, interactive, affirming, vulnerable and action-oriented. We will definitely be considering bringing David back to campus based on requests from our RAs.”

Katie Milne

Hall Coordinator – University of Iowa

“As the Chair of the Urban Campus Institute for College Student Personnel Association of New York State (C-SPA NY), I had the opportunity to bring David in as one of the featured speakers and presenters for the institute. David has a gentle way of pushing his audience to critically self reflect on their experiences, feelings, and behaviors around issues of difference. He is an engaging and poised public speaker and an impactful social justice educator.”

Dr. Sara Klein

Chair for the Urban Campus Institute – College Student Personnel Association of New York State

“We reached out to David Jones to kick off our university’s ‘Diversity in the Workplace’ series, a collaborative effort between our Intercultural Relations, Student Activities and Career Development departments. His very interactive workshop encouraged us to dialogue with each other about potentially sensitive topics such as privilege and allyhood and charged students to be mindful of their identities and those of others as they seek out leadership roles during and after their college careers. This was a great start to our series and we will welcome opportunities to include David in our future programming efforts!”

Wanda Tyler

Director for Office of Intercultural Relations, University of New Haven

“Mr. David Jones came to our campus to do a leadership and diversity workshop for my students and the students of Geneva College. He did a fantastic job and we were truly impressed. His session was engaging, comprehensive and thought provoking. My students felt empowered and later used what they learned in his worship to their programming. We really enjoyed him!”

Colber Prosper, M.S.

Coordinator of Multicultural Student Affairs – Keene State College

“I have had the pleasure of working with the David and Kelvin (David’s business partner) with their company, The Harris Jones Consulting Group, as part of our GEAR UP Program Professional Development activities for several years now. The GEAR UP Program is a college and career readiness program and seeks to help create sustainable change in educational culture. I first contacted David and Kelvin to help us with an event that I had envisioned. This event was for students, educators and administration of all backgrounds, spanning the K-12 arena, Higher Education and the non-profit sector as well. From the beginning, both David and Kelvin took the time to better understand our program, the landscape of education in the Greater Hartford area, and the appropriate topics and activities to help facilitate the event. David and Kelvin were well prepared for the event and did an excellent job in carrying out the vision of the program using engaging activities, group participation and excellent presentation skills. We had a very diverse audience of students, educators and administrators and they made sure everyone felt comfortable and participated in the event. Participants had an enjoyable experience and raved about their ability to help them think critically and share their thoughts about many important topics in education today. We look forward to continuing to work with them on future projects and I highly recommend them for any event that you may have in mind.”

Joanna White

Director – GEAR UP Program

“David was a part of a dynamic-duo of social justice facilitators for a student training that he led on my campus. Our evaluation shows that the training increased the level of knowledge and comfort of our students regarding social justice work. David assisted with providing the foundational piece of our new Social Justice Peer Educator program. As a result of this, we can now move forward with building the program around this first cohort of peer educators who are excited and eager to teach other students what they learned from David and Connie (David’ co-facilitator). Thanks a lot, we greatly appreciate the well thought out training.” 

Nathan Stephens, Director for the Center for Inclusive Excellence – Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

“Mr. David E. Jones exemplifies the work-ethic of a committed leader in the education profession. On various occasions, I have had the pleasure of bringing Mr. Jones in to speak at our annual college readiness and leadership development for college-bound students seminars. Students remarked that Mr. Jones was one of their favorite speakers. Further, other presenters during the seminar noted that Mr. Jones exhibits promptness, attention-to-detail and serves as an engaging and knowledgeable public speaker. We look forward to having Mr. Jones speak at future college preparation seminars.”

Justin T. Manning, Keeper of Records & Social Action Committee Chair – Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

“Working alongside David and Kelvin (a business partner) is always a wonderful experience! They thoughtfully and thoroughly tailor each workshop to best meet the needs of the program outcomes and audience. In contracting David and Kelvin one can anticipate ongoing communication before and after the session. They work collaboratively with their clients to ensure that the presentation is relevant, engaging, and transformational. Their diversity of experiences assists them in connecting with varied participants. I highly recommend working with David and/or Kelvin.”

Connie Cabello, Social Justice Training Institute Alum

“David’s workshop was very engaging and provided a constructive environment for students to discuss their experience and learn strategies for success in college and as a student leader.  Students were able to reflect on their personal and leadership development and gain perspective concerning their college experience. From the seasoned student leaders to the inexperienced freshmen students, all students had a very positive experience. All students in college should be exposed to David’s personal story, approach, and information regarding strategies for success as a college student and student leader. I look forward to having him return to my campus to work with students!”

Jim Unis, Area Coordinator of Residential Education, Mount Ida College

“He provided a fresh perspective on our role as administrators in mentoring students of color. He was not only able to talk to the history of the retreat itself, but what we can do in order to ensure the success of our students of color. Overall, we truly appreciated the time that David took to enlighten us and kick off this year’s retreat.”

– Program Attendee, Professionals of Color & Allies Retreat, University of Hartford

“During the workshop with David, I felt connected with him as the speaker. He kept it real with his thoughts and was very detailed. He does an outstanding job bringing in real life situations and keeping it real with his audience.

Workshop Attendee, Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today Workshop, Mount Ida College

“David helped me understand myself and others around me!”

Workshop Attendee, Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today Workshop, Mount Ida College

“David knows how to motivate an audience. His keynote address was timely and thought-provoking.”

Program Attendee, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Program, University of South Florida

“David’s presence is confident and approachable. He articulates his thoughts clearly, shows respect to his participants and audience.

Program Attendee, M.A.L.E.S. Women’s Appreciation Dinner, University of Massachusetts Lowell

“David is a great speaker, motivational and inspiring.”

Program Attendee, M.A.L.E.S. Annual Banquet, Eastern Connecticut State University

“David provided a strong message about being brave and unapologetic about our identity and what we represent. We were all challenged, empowered and inspired to continue our work in diversity and inclusion.”

– Curtis Chan, Residence Life Coordinator, Rutgers University-New Brunswick

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