David delivers captivating, thought-provoking and timely keynotes to faculty, students and staff on college and university campuses, in addition to, companies and organizations across various professional industries. In his keynotes, David challenges his audience to think critically, intentionally and purposefully about topics such as social justice, diversity, inclusion, equity, identity, education, retention, access, student engagement, career advancement, student success and leadership, to name a few.



David’s programs and trainings are transformative learning experiences and opportunities of growth for participants. From working with College President Executive Cabinets, Faculty, Student Leaders, Corporations and Community Organizations, David’s programs and trainings provide participants social justice learning opportunities, tools, resources and skills to increase their awareness of self and others in an effort to create more inclusive communities and organizations. His programs and trainings ensure participants are equipped with an understanding of social justice topics, social justice language, key social justice exercises and the importance of their role in building an inclusive community. David offers participant’s action steps and strategic ways to continue the conversation and learning beyond the program or training.



Individual and organizational consulting services are available to meet the needs of the client. David will assist clients to assess, establish priorities and action steps to improve practices in the following areas: social justice, diversity, inclusion, equity, identity, education, retention, access, student engagement, career advancement, student success and leadership, to name a few.


Selected Program Topics

  • Fostering Inclusive Excellence: Strategies and Best Practices for College Environments
  • Building Inclusive Corporate Organizations: A Social Justice Philosophy
  • We Are Still Singing For Our Freedom: Rethinking Our Approach to Creating Inclusion
  • Creating Inclusive Communities: A Journey To Social Justice
  • From Ferguson to Quinnipiac: Understanding the Critical Need to Address Racial Inequity
  • Reframing Our Approach to Student Conduct: A Social Justice Lens
  • I Want to be an Ally, But I Don’t Know How: Creating Supportive and Inclusive Campuses
  • Reimagining a Life Unmasked: A Journey of Self-Discovery
  • Navigating Identity at Predominately White Institutions
  • Competency Development for New Professionals
  • Rethinking Student Achievement & Persistence In and Out of the Classroom
  • The Journey of Understanding Self and Others
  • Understanding the Critical Need to Address Racial Inequity to Create Inclusive Campus Environments
  • Fostering Inclusion in Student Affairs
  • Creating an Inclusive Community: Developing Diversity Awareness
  • Building Bridges: A Journey toward Understanding Identity and Inclusion Developing Social Justice Competence
  • Reframing our Approach to Student Conduct: A Social Justice Lens
  • The Impact of Leadership & Identity on Student Organizational Development
  • Where I am From. Where I am Going.
  • Building Community: A Journey toward Social Justice
  • Fostering Excellence, Student Engagement and Student Success Among Black Male Students
  • Rethinking our Approach to Creating Inclusive Campus Communities: An Intersectional Perspective
  • Don’t be Good. Be Great: Creating your Leadership Legacy
  • Achieving Excellence: The Journey of Living a Life of Purpose
  • Your Identity, Your Leadership, Our Community
  • Leading in a Multicultural Context: Strategies for Effective Cross-Cultural Supervision
  • Conversations about Race and its Impact on College Campuses
  • Achieving In and Out of the Classroom: Critical Factors that Contribute to College and Career Preparation and Student Success


Sample selected outcomes for a speaking, program or consulting service:

  • Engage participants in the understanding of self (self-reflection), the understanding of others (inclusive learning) and understanding inclusion on the individual, community and organizational levels as participants move forward to create inclusive communities or organizations (action planning)
  • Understand common language when it comes to having conversations about social justice, diversity and inclusion and the importance of having authentic dialogue across race, gender, sexual orientation, class, etc. to understand self and the experience of others
  • Receive resources that will increase participant social justice skills, knowledge and awareness and can be used for further development to educate the community beyond the program or training
  • Engage in individual and group reflection through interactive exercises, advanced content learning and intentional dialogue.
  • Learn how to create inclusive communities or organizations and learn how their social identities shapes the ways they experience the world
  • Participate in authentic intergroup conversations to draw attention to participants’ differences and commonalities in order to prepare them to work and live collectively in a diverse community
  • Participate in establishing priorities, action plans and goals to help improve inclusion efforts


To book David for a speaking engagement, workshop/training or consultation, please contact him at or 718.637.7798. Thank you for your interest in bringing David to your campus, organization or company.